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9′ Surfboard

My son and I built this 9′ noserider this spring. This is about the seventh surfboard I’ve shape and glassed so I’m hardly an expert, but definitely improving. (The first one was basically unusable.)

This board is modeled on a Harbour shape. It has a wide nose and pretty flat rocker, concave nose going to vee at the more rockered tail. Single fin, of course. The rails are more 60/40 than 50/50 and harden up at the tail for better all around performance.

I glassed it with the usual 6 oz. bottom and 10 oz. deck. Thank god for Sun Cure catalyst.

Lots of work; probably spent 20 hours fussing with it. The problem with building one board a year is I forget what I did and how I did it the last time.

This one came out well though.